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My name is Andy and my cycling accident and Spinal Cord Injury in 1994 radically changed my life. Breaking my neck took a second to do but my resulting disability (spinal cord injury) will last my lifetime. Hopefully this website will assist others in understanding the nature of spinal cord injury (SCI).

If you, a family member or a friend have recently suffered a Spinal Cord Injury  then although a 'normal' life may seem impossible now, let me assure you with time and knowledge things can and will get better.   Spinal Cord Injury take many forms.  There is tetraplegia (called quadriplegia or quadraplegia in USA), paraplegia and there are complete or incomplete lesions too.  The most severe complete Spinal Cord Injury  (high neck) will result in complete body paralysis and require a ventilator to breathe.  The most incomplete Spinal Cord Injury  may be able to walk virtually normally again but still suffer impaired continence bodily functions as a result of the cord lesion.

Every Spinal Cord Injury  and the resulting disability is unique as are the people who have suffered them.  If you are SCI yourself, a relative, friend, health professional or just someone seeking further information about life with a spinal cord injury you are ALL welcome here at the Spinal Injury Network. There's a lot of useful information about spinal cord injury on this site and an active community on the Message Boards too.


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Please join our on-line Spinal Cord Injury community on the Message Boards and don't forget to sign the Spinal Cord Injury Guestbook as its always nice to know who has visited this site.  This area of the site is for exchanging information with others.  Everyone is welcome to post messages here.  Please don't be afraid to ask anything. You can access the different subjects that are already being discussed or create a new one of your own.  Please enter a valid e-mail address when registering your username as a password will be created and mailed to you.

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Assistance Dogs

Learn all about these amazing animals and how they can empower the life of a disabled person with Spinal Cord Injury .  I was partnered with an assistance dog called 'Henry' by a UK charity called 'Dogs for the Disabled' in September 2003. Click Here for more pictures and information.

Skiing with a Disability

Adaptive or disabled skiing is available to virtually all disabilities including Spinal Cord Injury at various ski resorts around the world.  I have been on two amazing Skiing trips to Sweden in 2003 and 2004. The Ski School in Sweden caters for all disabilities.  Click Here for more pictures and information.

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